what is my art about?

It seems so funny. It seems so obvious to me. People are like “you need to have a story” and “everybody is trying to find a story”. And this is true. It reminds me of so many reality shows. They’re always looking for a new version of reality, but they’re never considering actual reality! Because actual reality is somehow missing something. Is it that people think real reality is boring? Is it that they think that real reality is depressing? Is it that they think that real reality is hard to market? I think that’s it. I think that real reality is the best because it’s where everything real actually exists. It is strange and not so funny that reality as in reality shows is a re-creation of reality and not reality. It’s like using the word love to pretend that you are in love because nobody actually experiences love.

One time when I was painting one of my cars, a neighbor comes by and asks what my work is about and I answered. I think I said something about trying to inspire people to express themselves or something. I later realized that what I had said was not what my art was about, but how I was feeling, which is a totally different thing. Not to mention that if you can define your art in a few words, then what is the need to have the art in the first place.

Art exists on it’s own plane. It taps into a part of our mind that is far more abstract than the world of words that we live in. Words become politicized, but almost all art (except for political cartoons) is outside of politics. It speaks in a different spectrum. It’s actually a more true spectrum because it’s harder to manipulate (but of coarse they do manipulate it by placing huge monetary value on it and then making people feel inadequate because they do not understand why something is valued so high and everything else is valued low).

So what is my work about? It’s about breaking the barriers between us so that we can understand simple things in life like a painting without needing someone to explain to us what it means and why it’s significant or important. My work is about connecting people with each other in a genuine way. Below is a video made by April Anderson. She has been very supportive of my work. She has always been very nice to me and she always seems amused by what I say when she interviews me. You should probably ask her what my work is about. When we were doing this painting, I was focused on completing the work and making it the best that it can be. I think April thought I was stressed out. Maybe I was, but I saw having 13 nude models and 3 artist assistants as an opportunity to make something special and I was determined to give it my best. It’s funny because it was the art that brought us together. I was listening to whatever creative voices were in my head and everyone everybody was listening to me. It was a long day. Everyone was happy. To me, my art is about the experience of creating it. And if I had to choose between keeping either the experience or the final product, I would have to choose the experience, because that is what we shared, that is what lives on. My art is vehicle for human connection. I think April captures that in her video. What do you think?

Watch the video here

and here’s a short video I created

Special Thanks to Sidney Oolongo, Alex AK, Elisa Granados, Annie Medrano and Daniel Vialet for all of your help.



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