Body Art and Paintings by NYC Artist Andy Golub

"Art shouldn't be limited to canvases alone or hidden away in indoor spaces."

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Rockland 11 Mural, 12' X 6' 


"I make up the art as I go, because the present is as important as any other moment."


Most people are familiar with my work because of my live nude bodypainting in Times Square NYC and my battles with the NYPD. This story played out over several years and received worldwide media news coverage. There were arrests, dismissals, lawsuits and ultimately, a change in the way that New York City enforces its public nudity laws.

I’m proud of how my body art models and I stood up for freedom of expression, but that only scratches the surface of what I’m trying to do with my art.

Through my art drawings, paintings, writings and videos, I hope to show how art can have a profound impact on individuals and on society as a whole.

"For me, art is about self-discovery and then sharing it with others."


Get an uncensored view of Andy Golub - the artist behind the paintings. All discussions are related to art in some way, but then again art is no more than a reflection of the world around us. Everybody gets an opportunity to weigh in.

Blogs by NYC Atist Andy Gloub

Blogs by NYC Atist Andy Gloub

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