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It's that time of year again...Bodypainting Day season is here! Once again Young Naturists America and I are launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to put on our 3rd year of Bodypainting Day. This special event brings artists from around the world and everyday people who become models, and together we create art for the public to view and spread the positive message of creating human connection through art. If you've ever been to one of our events, you've experienced how positive art can be. If not, visit the Bodypainting Day website.

Happening again in New York City and Amsterdam, 2 of the only places where this can even happen. Please donate to our Kickstarter and help make Bodypainting Day happen again in 2016.



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Andy Golub is a world renowned artist, best known for painting nude models in the public streets of New York City, which resulted in legal battles that ultimately changed New York's public nudity laws.

But it is Golub's approach to the art itself that is truly ground breaking. Golub paints without a plan. He forms a spiritual connection with each of his models, which inspires his art. He paints models of all shapes, sizes and genders. Some of his most memorable paintings are with Nicci, a woman living with cerebral palsy and Fredi, a woman who had terminal breast cancer.

Through his art, Golub shatters the superficial environment we accept without question and replaces it with an environment based on human connection and the human spirit.




In 2014, Golub started Bodypainting Day, which in it's 2nd year featured 70 artists and 100 models painted in the public streets of New York City and had it’s European debut in the city of Amsterdam. Bodypainting Day is a celebration of the human body and the voice of the artist, which is often missing from our world.

Golub also paints in the studio on what he calls “human canvas” paintings, where groups of models lay on the ground a form a human canvas, painted and photographed from above.

Along with painting on people, Golub paints on canvases, murals and almost any object from clothing to furniture to cars. But painting people has a special place in his heart because, as he explains, "people have a soul." As important to the art itself is the experience that is shared with the model and often the public.

"I make up the art as I go, because the present is as important as any other moment."

"Art could be on anything including the human body. And it should be on display for the world to see."


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Regularly in the news, Golub has transformed from an outlaw to an authority on public art and public nudity.
During the "desnudas" controversy in Times Square, he was interviewed and quoted by New York Magazine, Geraldo Rivera, and many local TV stations and newspapers.
Golub has been featured in Newsweek, appeared on several Huffington Post podcasts, has an upcoming feature article in the UK Times, and has been the subject of David Letterman's Top 10 List.

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"For me, art is about finding some inner truth and then sharing it."


In 2015 Andy was interviewed for a live audience by Peabody Award winning journalist Elliott Forrest.
Andy makes a great motivational speaker, from discussing the courage of your convictions to the creative process.
For more information, contact Andy here.