Back in the studio…

There’s something special about the streets, but there’s something special about the studio as well…having the controlled conditions allows me the opportunity to make the most complete piece of art I can make. It also allows me to hang out with some great models without so many distractions…painting for over 5 hours strait at a […]

The Artists of Bodypainting Day!

Here’s the updated pages showcasing the work of the talented artists that joined us in New York City and Amsterdam! I am most proud of the diversity in style of meaning that our theme “What the World Needs Now…” produced. I feel that it inspired the artists to add their own personal voice to this […]

My Friend Cynthia

Just last week my friend Cynthia Fleischmann was in a very serious motorcycle accident. Sadly, this accident resulted in the loss of one of her legs below the knee. Cynthia was one of the artists at Amsterdam Bodypainting Day. We had contacted through Facebook and although Cynthia lives in Florida, she had plans to be […]

Pen Drawing Time Lapse

When I was in High School, I found that my drawings looked the best when I let my hand do the drawing. It was all about the lines. It was as if the person looking at the drawing was watching me draw and I would always trick them by doing something unexpected like making a […]

New Mural in the Lower East Side

I’m very happy to be included in the latest edition of Centre-Fuge Art Project. I painted a 12′ x 12′ space on the side of a trailer at 1st Street and 1st-2nd Avenue In many ways a mural is the opposite of bodypainting. One washes off that night and the other lasts a while (in […]

Shooting with the Joker

In the middle of the desnudas controversy I was making it a point to get into Times Square as much as possible (you know, to give people a little perspective into public nudity)… This is Carl and Kara, 2 models that participated in this year’s Bodypainting Day (it was the first time that they met). […]

A Summer of Art, Nude Bodies and Controversy

Hi Friends, It’s been an amazing run from mid-July to mid-September. In our 2nd year, we doubled the size of NYC Bodypainting Day, we had our first Amsterdam Bodypainting Day, I came home to the “desnudas” situation and I recently finished 3 days of painting at Electric Zoo. I look forward to another year of […]

Response to Police Commissioner Bratton

Police Commissioner Bratton referred to me as a “screwball artist.” (the John Gambling show, 8/27/15, as reported by the NY Daily News) Before I respond to this unfortunate attack, I would like to sincerely thank Commissioner Bratton and the NYPD for the important, dangerous and often thankless job of keeping our city safe. I assume […]


A Message to Parents visiting New York City (and my fellow New Yorkers) If you are looking for Disneyland, then you are in the wrong state. This is New York. Times Square is a PUBLIC SPACE. And in New York City (and New York State) being topless in public is LEGAL. If businesses are upset […]

Don’t disagree with me

We need to break the habit of being angry at people who disagree with us. It stops us from sharing our ideas and feelings with others. It makes people feel isolated and it contributes to an environment that isolates all of us. It stops us from hearing new ideas.It stops us from hearing our own […]