Webinar with Junie

Watch the webinar here.

The first time I spoke with Junie on the phone, we immediately were engaged in a deep conversation. It’s just one of those chemical reactions. In fact I didn’t want to speak too much and ruin our future conversation. It’s true that I have a lot to say, but on the other side Junie is open to everything. She is really listening and taking it all in. She is dedicated to the journey.

I don’t know if this is a radical thing to say, but I believe that it doesn’t so much matter what people believe, as much as their willingness to share their thoughts and listen to others. We fail when we vilify, when we fight to win, when we get angry. I have faith that deep down we’re much more the same than we appear to be.

I recently painted Junie and she is very vocal about having body issues (so do I) so I’m sure the discussion will go that way,  but it’ll also go wherever it goes. And it’s a live feed, so you can join us and participate in the discussion.


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