Painting at my House

Lisa hired me a few years back to paint a few models for an event for the Westerly Chamber of Commerce. This time she came to get painted herself and brought her friend Brittany. I painted them in my studio at my house and Daniel took photos on my deck. My friend Lawrence Hultberg assisted […]

Webinar with Junie

Watch the webinar here. The first time I spoke with Junie on the phone, we immediately were engaged in a deep conversation. It’s just one of those chemical reactions. In fact I didn’t want to speak too much and ruin our future conversation. It’s true that I have a lot to say, but on the […]

what is my art about?

It seems so funny. It seems so obvious to me. People are like “you need to have a story” and “everybody is trying to find a story”. And this is true. It reminds me of so many reality shows. They’re always looking for a new version of reality, but they’re never considering actual reality! Because […]

Wynwood Mural

While I was down in Miami during Art Basel, I was on the lookout for a wall to paint in the famous Winwood district. I ended up getting more than I could handle, a 17-foot high X 45-foot wide mural! There are many amazing murals in Winwood and I noticed that many of the paintings […]

2 Girls American Pie

I was watching the time lapse video from this great shoot and thought about how I was going to edit it down to 1 or 2 minutes. But instead I decided to show it just as it came out of the camera… The timing fits perfectly with Don McLain’s classic song, American Pie…so sit back, […]

Yoga Studio

So we headed off to Lyndhurst, NJ to bodypaint a group of models at a Yoga studio. I’ve been working so hard on all of these group paintings, so I decided to make it easier on myself for this one. 5 models…I did a quick, fun, colorful base coat on each model without knowing how […]

Big Face

I’ve been working on a series of group studio shoots over the past few months…Learning something new each time…I think this is my favorite so far! I couldn’t have pulled these off without the help of so many people, artists and models, all coming together for the sake of art. Check out the Facebook photo […]

New Video

Felicity and Ali getting painted in the studio… Jordan giving his perspective… Kiki being emotional… Ron Kuby explaining the law… The NYPD being scary… David Letterman being NOT funny… Some rare footage of me getting arrested… Topping it all off with some NYC Bodypainting Day… What more could you ask for… Watch the Video here

Where’s Sidney?

I was supposed to paint 7 people, but 3 models called in sick, so I was down to 4. Sidney, who was supposed to assist in the painting volunteered to model, so we had 5. As I painted the big face in the middle, I noticed that it looked somewhat negative. For a moment I […]

Weird Face

I’ve been continuing to paint in the studio…here’s a fun video made by… The good news is that I’ve built a wooden platform so I can hover above the models… Hopefully it’ll help take these paintings to the next level… Here is one of my most recent paintings… Let me know if you’d like […]